Dear AMAR Supporters,

Please find a lovely auction opportunity to raise funds for AMAR, via Tom Holland’s ‘Rest is History’ evening event – the auction closes this Monday 23rd at 4pm.
It’s notable how many attractive and moderately placed prizes there are, within reach of all budgets.

Here’s the link and details below of the event.

You may be intrigued to watch Baroness Nicholson’s recent interview on her motivations and life focus, to care for and advocate for the protection and support of women and children throughout her life.
She discusses her work in Iraq, Romania and Ukraine and UK. It’s a great view here: 

The History of the Whole Wide World in One Hour

The lecture is now sold out but you can log in for online streaming live! link here 

 Monday 23rd May 2022

 6:30 PM

Tom hopes to raise $50k and third of all proceeds will go to AMAR’s vital work with the Yazidis in northern Iraq.

Thank you

The AMAR team

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