For the past 7 years, a women’s empowerment center near Basrah, Iraq, has effectively worked to bring hope through learning to more than 800 Iraqi women displaced by war.  Refugee camp women—widows, divorced, breadwinners, unmarried—learn critical skills at the Women’s Center in the Al-Khora camp.  

Center manager, Asmahan Latif Nasser, oversees classes in basic literacy, sewing, computer skills, and handicrafts.  All classes lead to income production—a life-saving skill for women who, through various events related to that region’s ongoing civil strife, find themselves the sole support of their families.

“The Center is very well seen.  There is a great welcome from the people around it…and there is a great demand from the people for the Center’s services,” Nasser said, adding, “We thank the donors who have given us continued support through AMAR to upgrade the performance of this Center.”

Nasser’s future hopes for the Center include expanding bazaars in the region where the trainees’ handmade products are sold to the public. “We need support from AMAR and donors for the purpose of opening bazaars.  There is great optimism to get such support,” she said.

AMAR invites you to help these women and thousands like them gain necessary skills and support to maintain and raise their families in some of the world’s most difficult circumstances. 

Thank you.

Information source:  Dr Alaa Hussein (AMAR Head of Health in Basra)