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AMAR International Charitable Organization is a globally recognized humanitarian charity that helps build the lives of some of the world’s most disadvantaged people— ​ the millions of internally displaced people living in camps in Iraq resulting from the atrocities they experienced from ISIS.

WHAT does AMAR do?

Since 1991 AMAR has provided professional health care, education, and training on a sustained basis, using locally educated and trained professionals and volunteers.  We deliver hundreds of thousands of primary healthcare medical consultations each year in AMAR-established health clinics. We also provide vital mental health treatment and offer rehabilitating vocational training. Wherever possible, we use local resources to bring about sustainable change.
AMAR has also created leading advocacy campaigns to combat religious discrimination, prevent sexual violence in conflict, and preserve cultures threatened by warfare genocide.

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How Can I Help?

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AMAR’s Fund a Need List ​

AMAR will purchase other needed items if the item you choose has been acquired. US Friends of AMAR International Charitable Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization so your donations are tax deductible depending on your personal tax situation. Equipment is purchased in Iraq to avoid import costs and difficulties.  Paying local suppliers also benefits the struggling local economy.

Your donation helps provide someone with essential medical help.

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One Woman’s Story, From Isolation to Healing

Mental health is severely affected by civil strife.  AMAR is working to offset the country’s severe shortage of mental health services by providing professional health counseling to victims of this trauma. A 46-year-old woman residing in AMAR’s Khanke Camp in northern Iraq suffered from severe depression due to ISIS terrorist attacks and the resulting loss of her daughter. This impacted her sleeping, thinking, and eating habits which, in turn, affected her physical health and her relationships with other family members.  She eventually withdrew, preferring isolation which increased her difficulties. A mental health professional met with her. Psychological sessions and drug therapy helped balance her sleep and eating habits and improve her interactions with family members. After several sessions, she overcame many of her negative practices, regained the ability to perform household tasks, improved relationships with family members, and showed increased abilities to overcome the effects of the trauma she had endured. Mental health is addressed one patient at a time.  Iraq’s 3 million Internally Displaced Persons are vulnerable to mental health issues. AMAR targets mental health as one of its goals.  Please help us bring relief to some of the world’s most traumatized victims.

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“Christmas gives Joy to the whole world. Please give generously this Christmas to allow us to share the Good News in your name with Iraq’s millions of widows and orphans.  AMAR is loving and life-giving through your generosity.

–Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne, AMAR Founder and Chairman