AMAR ICF held a five-day summer school for Romanian special needs children and Ukrainian refugee
children. A significant goal of the camp was to help these children make friends as they enjoyed
learning new things together. “We mixed the children together so the newcomers [the refugees] could
make new friends as we feel they will be away from home for quite a while,” said AMAR ICF president
Baroness Nicholson.

The children were encouraged to share their thoughts on their experiences each day at the school.
Baroness Nicholson noted, “This work is likely to go on for quite a time, funds permitting, as Ukraine
doesn’t look likely to be back to normal. So it matters to get the work to top standards, and report
accurately and fully.”

The children, their mothers, and school volunteers received signed official certificates from the Mayor of
Sighet, Romania, where the school was held.

AMAR has served Romania’s special needs children for years and is therefore uniquely positioned to
attend to the needs of Ukrainian refugees as they flow into the area. AMAR is committed to provide not
only medical and educational aid to these children, but to also offer opportunities for them to grow in
individual and collective ways as they interact through AMAR-led programs.
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