Earlier this month Baroness Nicholson and AMAR CEO Andrew Methven visited Romania and Ukraine, bringing with them badly needed medical equipment, supplies, and medicines. They toured hospitals, town halls, businesses, and schools, visiting with the people to learn their stories and needs.

AMAR teams have worked in Romania for more than three decades on behalf of its orphans, trafficked youth, and special needs children.  As the flood of Ukraine refugees escaping from the Russian invasion now pours into that country, AMAR’s experience working in refugee camps in numerous other regions is now utilized to assist them.

Matei Godia, Mayor of Oncesti, Maramures, Romania, sent a letter of gratitude to Baroness Nicholson after she returned to London. In part he wrote, “We hereby wish to thank you for your visit, and for your good thoughts conveyed.  Congratulations for all the support and involvement showed in the case of children with disabilities, for their protection.”