About Us

We mobilize support to rebuild lives for some of the world’s most disadvantaged people affected by war, conflict, and displacement.

In 1991, Baroness Nicholson launched AMAR in the UK to aid refugees, in response to the brutal persecution of families in Iraq. US Friends of AMAR was formed in 2020 to expand the impact of AMAR’s efforts supporting refugees in conflict zones by engaging U.S. supporters in the cause.

Our Relationship with AMAR Foundation

At US Friends of AMAR, we are proud to support the remarkable programs carried out by AMAR International Charitable Foundation, the leading international charity based in the United Kingdom. Our missions are deeply rooted in trust, collaboration, and a shared commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable populations in the Middle East and beyond.

Our Vision

We believe in the power of collective action. Every day, countless individuals bear the brunt of war’s devastation. While the challenges are immense, the generosity and spirit of the American people can make a world of difference.

By harnessing this support, US Friends of AMAR aspires to ensure that every individual, regardless of their circumstances, experiences hope, dignity, and the promise of a better tomorrow. Our goal is to rally the U.S. community, turning empathy into action.

Our Mission

US Friends of AMAR stands as a beacon of hope for millions affected by conflict, persecution, and displacement. As an integral part of the AMAR Foundation’s global mission, we channel the compassion and generosity of supporters in the United States to bring about lasting change.

Established as a response to the urgent needs highlighted by AMAR’s on-ground efforts, we’ve been the bridge connecting American hearts to those in desperate need. Our purpose is to ensure that AMAR’s lifesaving interventions remain consistent and effective. Explore our journey.

Join Our Mission

Stand with US Friends of AMAR and let’s turn compassion into action. Your support can rebuild lives, restore dignity, and renew hope.